Gossip Folks

I had a downstairs neighbor that I thought was pretty cool… until she moved out and the truth showed it’s ugly stupid face.  For the story, I will call her Georgia (or GA).  She was one of those roamin gnomes…. and had a pack of friends that were pretty transient.  I didn’t think much of it, they weren’t loud or anything, and after a few weeks, her friends would move on.

We were both gardening, I’m still pretty new at it, I KIND of started last year, but got a little more into it this year, made a raised box and everything, but by no means a professional.  GA had one too, in front of mine as well as Kale and Basil in another section of the yard.

I would water, usually in the morning, until she told me doing that would burn the roots in the summer (I have YET to find any gardening article that would support that argument), and her friends tended to flick their used cigarette butts into my garden (one burned through one of the leaves of my plants 😦 ).  I was usually the one that mowed the lawn and stuff (because I like doing that kind of thing), so I would water when I was doing that.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Once she mentioned the burning roots thing, I then changed and watered after my work shift (8:00pm).

She had a dog too, a pit mix of some kind that I rarely saw get walked and was very protective of the porch.  She bit my boyfriend once, right through the pants and even broke skin (no blood, but still, wth).  He didn’t call Animal Control because we didn’t want the dog to pay for the owner’s mistake of not having her leased up.

I thought we were going to be friends, honestly.  But after a while, her friends got a bit overwhelming.  Having about 8 transients sleeping on your porch every night and having the 4 recycle bins constantly filled with budweiser 40 oz bottles gets old fast.  But you know, no one’s perfect.

Well, she and her boyfriend moved out this month, and it wasn’t until my neighbor below and we started talking that we realized, she was starting gossip about all of us, for no reason whatsoever.  What would make someone so miserable that they find the need to talk about people they barely know, then smile in their face like nothing’s wrong the next minute?  It wasn’t just us, it was EVERYONE, basically, whoever wasn’t in the area at the time.

It made me so mad (I’m still a bit perturbed about it now, actually).  I don’t even understand what she was trying to accomplish.  I let this chick use our internet for free the entire time she was here, too!

I guess I should just be happy that she’s out of our lives… but “why” still kind of eats away at me.  I know that people are going to talk about people, it’s human nature, but the things she said were hurtful, not to mention inaccurate.  Is it low self esteem?  Is it a genetic malfunction?  I guess I’m not meant to understand it, but it still bothers the pickles out of me.


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