This morning around 5:30, our neighbor downstairs was apparently smoking because I smelled it in the bedroom.  One of the disadvantages of not owning your own home (that and not being able to Zumba w/o sounding like a herd of rabid elephants to the people below me).  Fortunately for me, my boyfriend came into the room to kiss me goodbye while he was leaving for work, and instantly, the room was filled with his sweet deliciousness and all was well with the world again.

I went to my first real yoga class today, it was fantastic.  Forrest Inspired, so the room was nice and warm (around 80°).  There were a few warrior poses that were really hard to hold, but I really loved the planks and pigeon poses (but I think I need to work on that a bit more, because it still felt kind of awkward).
For the last few weeks I was feeling a bit run down and worn out, but I think I’m getting my second wind.  I’m pretty sure it’s the running. Every time I run, I feel really energetic, but I tend to be a bit leery when I run because my hip muscles have been hurting.

We have new neighbors above and below us… I haven’t met the person in the efficiency yet, though they have hung some interesting sheets in the windows for curtains.  Not sure if it’s male or female or if it’s more than one person (previous neighbors were a couple with a dog in an EFFICIENCY… I’d probably end up being a serial killer if my quarters were that scrunched).  We have 2 females above us, one of them is about 5’3 and from her accent, I’d say she’s Australian… she loves the word “Brilliant!”  I like when she says it, because she sounds like she means it.  They have a little dog, kind of Shih Tzu-ish?  It’s not a barker, so it’s ok in my book.

We’re almost done redoing the living room!!  We got some bamboo blinds which really darken the room when we watch movies or play games, I love them! So the only things we have left are tiling and painting the fireplace, getting a fireplace screen and putting the cat’s food and water in the fireplace (to keep it away from the puppy when we get him), curtains for the bay window and getting a dining room table and 4 chairs…. then it’s onto the next project (I’m hoping it’s the hallway next, but it may be the main bedroom.).

This weekend, by bf is going to buy me some warmer running gear.  I love that he encourages my running, it makes me want to do it even more, if that’s even possible.  I’d like to go to the 8 am yoga class on Saturday and clean up our horrendously overgrown back yard… I’m guessing that’ll take a few hours 😦  Then we may get massages!! I’ve never had a professional massage, so I’m kind of excited about that.  I’ve had a lot of firsts lately!
If this is what fall’s going to be like, I’m actually looking forward to it.  Boots, soup, cocoa AND energy?  Could it be possible?!



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