holy crap, where did 2010 go?

So I just got back from seeing my physical therapist and am trying to figure out wtf happened to the year.  It’s practically over already!

I’m not usually the one that makes New Years Resolutions, because I think they don’t work, but I was reading O magazine (don’t judge me) and they had all these checklists and ways to better your life and blah blah blah.

I don’t want to do all those things, because I’m actually HAPPY with my life at the moment… I’m honestly content.

I’ve been doing most of what I want to do, getting things that I want to get and it’s been working for me so far.

I’ve been losing weight. I’m on my last stubborn 10, but honestly, since I hurt my shoulder, it’s not easy getting a real workout done because I’m stymied.

I’m not drowning in debt, because I don’t own credit cards.

Life is generally pretty darned good at the moment.

There are some things that I do need to work on, though, and I guess maybe that’s something I should concentrate on, but they’re not really RESOLUTIONS, persay, because they’re not bad habits.

Is this common with people in their 40’s, I wonder?

I do know there are some days where I just don’t want to bother with the mundane daily rituals like making my bed, doing the dishes and the like, but then I’ll wake up one day and clean everything within a hours time, so I don’t stress about that.  It’ll get done.

So I guess my resolutions this year will be more of a practical to do list.

1. Get a good inventory of my stuff for insurance purposes… I’ve been putting this off because I’m still in the process of getting everything, but I guess if it start it soon, I can just add to it instead of doing it all in one big ordeal.

2. Finish the apartment… the bay windows have kicked me in the head.  I didn’t want to paint over all the paint that’s already on it… .there’s about 7 layers of paint (no lie), and it’s been a real chore getting it all off.  Not to mention, I still have to strip the paint off the fire place.  Once we’ve gotten that done, it should be cake… until we get to the bathroom, which is going to be a big job.

3. Get a dog.  Not just a dog.  A great dane dog. We’ve done the research and believe it or not, he’d be perfect for our environment.  They’re the world’s largest lap dog 🙂  Plus, I have 2 parks within 5 blocks of my apartment and I work at home, so it’ll be easy to take care of him.

4. Finally get my stupid passport.  This has been on my list for about 5 years… and I’m going to be honest.  I’ve been putting it off, because I didnt want to look fat in my picture 😐  Yeah, I know, how shallow, but who cares? It’s my passport and I’ll procrastinate if I want to :p

5. Get a motorcycle license.  Not for a crotch rocket, though.  This Sunday, I’m buying a scooter, it’s 125cc’s and you need a license for that.

6. Start working on my A+ certification.  My boyfriend already has his, but I’ve been putting it off for me, because I’ve been worried that I can’t memorize everything enough to pass the test, but I have to try.  It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time (at least 8 years!) and it’s time to stop goofing around and do it.

7.  I guess this is a REAL resolution:  Paint more pictures.  I love painting. I’m pretty good at it, but getting STARTED is always so hard for me.  It’s a mental process, I want to do it, but I don’t feel like DOING it.  But once I get started, I’m cool.  …but I have to start.  See the dilemma?

That’s pretty much it, believe it or not.  I’m not going to add lose my last 10 lbs, because I don’t want it to be a chore, I want to to happen when it’s time for it to happen.  It may sound odd, but I think I got my body figured out.  I lost about 40 lbs so far, and I didn’t diet.  I didn’t sweat it at all.  The way I lost it was by taking care of myself the way I’m supposed to.  I don’t drink soda, because it’s horrible for you.  I still eat candy, but now I buy dark chocolate and only break off pieces when I need it… my candy now is fruit, which, in all honesty, is easy to transition to, just have more of it around you!  And I try to cook more at home, NOT processed food, but actually cook with vegetables and meat and spice, etc.  It doesn’t really take THAT much more time, it tastes better and it’s better for me. (I still need to drink more water, though.  I think I’ll always struggle with that)  I walk more, because I have more energy… I was doing Wii fit, which I LOVE and it really makes my body feel STRONG, which helps, but I haven’t been doing it since I jacked up my shoulder.  I’m really tempted to break it out again, but I don’t want to get frustrated because I can’t do anything.  I especially love the yoga section(?) of it, but I can’t do it, because I can’t put my hand over my head, or behind my back, so I’m really limited.  I’ve been trying to wait until my shoulder’s better, but I gotta do something else in the meantime.  I just don’t know what at the moment.

But that’s basically it.  I found that instead of forcing myself do change something never worked for me.  I’m too smart to fool myself   lol  So instead, I found finding middle ground that I can live with and stick to.  It worked for me, but I can’t say that it’ll work for everyone, because my oddness level is off the charts.

So that’s about it in a nutshell.  3 more weeks until we’re in January and 2010 will be a blurred memory.  Just like all those other years before it.  And as always, I’ll be looking at NEXT year, thinking to myself… “THIS is going to be MY year.” Those this time, I’m starting to realize, ALL of them are MY year.


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