Ironically, I was talking to someone about LeBron James’ sense of entitlement.  How he feels that he deserves to get things without actually working hard for it and it dawned on me, that this is exactly what my son is doing.

As a mother, I want him to succeed and live a happy life, of course.  Time and time again, he’s let opportunities slip by because he didn’t want to put in the work, or I guess he just lost interest, or something.  I honestly don’t know what his deal is.

Anyway, as I was talking about in my other post, we had talked and were planning on him to come up here and finish school via online and then plan for his future.  He went home to Atlanta and the only thing he had to do was schedule his driving test (because I don’t own a car, and if he already had a license, it’s A LOT easier to transfer to PA).  A week goes by and he still hasn’t scheduled it.  His dad said he tried once, it was busy, and he hasn’t done anything since.  This really frustrated me, because it’s something that really needs to be done, and I don’t want him to wait until the last minute to get everything.  There was also a hefty list of paperwork to collect in order to transfer up to school here, and his father has been working on that list, while my son lies in bed with his girlfriend, or gets tattoos on his chest and taking pictures of it for facebook while flipping the bird.

Exhibit A:

On top of all this, he’s not returning my call.

Needless to say, I’m livid.  I left a really angry message on his phone, letting him know that his future is in his hands.  If he wants to finish school up here, he is to get the list of paper work from his dad and ask him to arrange transportation (or assistance if needed) to get all the documentation he needs.   He must get his driver’s license as well, and if it isn’t all done by the time school starts, his window of opportunity in Philadelphia will close and when his phone contract ends in October, I’m not renewing it.  I haven’t heard a peep from him.

I’ve pretty much had it.  He KNOWS this is going to be one of his last chances to graduate with a diploma.  He KNOWS how important it is. Yet, he does nothing to work towards this goal and I’m tired of doing it for him.

We may not have the ability to control what happens to us, things happen, which is understandable.  But it’s inexcusable to do nothing and expect something and I’m not going to support it.

I’m so frustrated and irate and more over, disappointed.  I thought this was going to be it.  He was finally going to knuckle down and work towards SOMETHING.

I apparently was wrong.

Now let me go find my “Mean Mother” badge and wear it with pride.


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