a new beginning?

I have an 18 year old son.  He’s not my son by blood, I raised him from the time he was about 2 months old until he was around 7.  His father and I were married until he was 7 and he (my son) told me outright, that I am his mother…. regardless what a stupid DNA test may say 🙂

When his dad and I divorced, he moved to Atlanta, where things really went downhill.  He’s in an area that really isn’t a good environment to raise kids.  A lot of violence, fighting, etc.

During that time, I was trying to get myself together (when I married his dad, I was around 22), I worked hard and got into the IT field when it was still new (back in 1993-4).  Thank god, too, because I didn’t need certifications OR a degree (which I have neither).  But these kind of advantages really aren’t there for him, because the requirements are so much more higher now.

Now I’m looking at an 18 year old that is teetering on dropping out of highschool because he can’t seem to get the credits because he can’t concentrate on his work where he lives.

My boyfriend and I have decided to have him move up here and finish school online.  I work at home, so he’ll have more structure and I’ll make sure he does exactly what he needs to do to get his work done.

I”m just completely terrified.  I don’t want to fail him.  I want him to do well, I want him to be happy and not have to settle because he didn’t get a good foundation in his life.

Wish me luck.


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