Hello world!

Yes, I know that is the standard title for first posts, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t appropriate 🙂

Allow myself to introduce… myself.

My name is Samirah.  I’m in my 40’s.  I’m not married, but I’m very much involved.  I have 2 kids, well, they’re not exactly kids anymore, my daughter 22 and my son is 18.

I’m adopted, I’m 1 of 10 kids, (all but 2 are adopted).  My mom died about 5 years ago, my dad is awesome.

I really do enjoy my life, though it feels like I’m constantly “getting ready” for things instead of them actually happening…. dreaming… wishing, all that mess.

I am multi-ethnic, but honestly, I think I fit in just about anywhere.

I love animals, I paint (though, not as often as I should), I’m attempting to grow a garden… which may have been demolished by a hail storm we had about 3 hours ago 😐

I’m not religious, I basically live by the rule of being a good person, and think I’m doing a damned good job at it (I said GOOD, not MODEST hahaha!).

I have a pretty dry sense of humor, too… if it’s not dry, it’s so left field that only people close to me probably think it’s funny.

I used to have a favorite color: pink  But now, I’m not so definitive.  I like brown, green, blue and tan just as much, now.

I decided to write a blog because of a friend of mine’s blog.  She writes so well, and she inspired me.  Not that this is my first blog ever, but I haven’t written one in several years.

So, I guess that’s enough for now, I don’t intend to talk JUST about my life, I’ll be talking about other things.. video games ( I LOVE video games), gadgets, politics, all kinds of crap.

Doesn’t that sound like FUN?!?  Of course it does!

Welcome to my world 🙂


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